Dying Light Patch 1.4.0 Released

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Techland has released a new patch for the PC version of Dying Light that significantly reduces RAM memory usage and brings various performance improvements to it.

Dying Light Patch 1.4.0 Changelog:

Hardware, performance & stability issues
- Resolved various stability issues
- Numerous general performance optimizations
- Significantly reduced RAM memory usage

Gameplay issues
- Added option to disable film grain video effect.
- Fixed the issue with reaching Survivor Rank 25
- Optimized video memory management to eliminate “ResizeBuffers failed 0x887a0005” error message
- Fixed extremely long load times that some users were experiencing
- Resolved issues with unlocking certain achievements
- Fixed the issue with ammo disappearing from player’s inventory when attempting shooting challenges
- Resolved issues with Personal Statistics menu
- Fixed problems with using keys assigned to gameplay features during chat
- Fixed duplicating weapons exploit

Be-the-Zombie mode
- Fixed the ‘infinite spit’ exploit in Be-the-Zombie mode
- Fixed several issues with connecting to games when playing as the zombie
- Added additional tools for tracking network issues

Game data integrity (modding)
- Games can be modded
- Modded games will not work online with original unchanged versions
- Modded games will work with other identically modded games

Graphical Bugs
- Resolved extremely low resolution textures on certain objects regardless of texture quality settings

Linux specific improvements:
- Fixed motion blur switching via main menu
- Fixed messaging when playing cross-platform session

Known issues we are still working on:
- Screen flickering when using dual-GPU setups
- Radeon support on Linux platforms

Dying Light Patch 1.4.0 Released

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