Radeon R9 Dual GPU Fury PCB photo

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So on Project Quantum that was talked about yesterday. A photo appeared of the PCB, this in fact is a Dual GPU Fury Graphics Card.

Project Quantum a console-sized small form factor gaming desktop designed by AMD. This product series will be sold by the company's AIB add-in board partners. Now I expected two cards, but this is the actual 2X model I was referring to, check it out that is a 17+ TERAFLOP combo right there.

The board seems 15 to 18cm long the same length as R9 Fury X. And is powered by 2x 8-pin PCIE power connectors similar to Fury X. We can  see both FIji GPUs on the board along with their respective stacked HBM modules.

Photo Anshel Sag (Twitter) 

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