Download: MSI Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta 10 (v14218)

Two days ago we posted an internal public beta of Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta 10 (build14218) in the forums. The beta was intended for experienced users, forum regulars but not for the public masses. Unfortunately, some websites posted this beta as 'viral news' and started deeplinking towards the download binary.

Gents, this is a public beta, but it is just that, an early beta. Considering the binary is spreading fast I decided to move the beta towards a public beta on the download pages so you can securely and safely download it from Guru3D. The new beta holds V/F curve support for AMD cards, OC Scanner for Pascal GPUs, new monitoring GUI enhancements and much, much more. Have a peek at the changes list.


AfterBurner v4.6.0 beta 10

RTSS v7.2.1 Beta 4

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