Download: GPU-Z 0.2.6

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GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.

Here is the list of changes :
 - Added full support for HD 4870 X2
 - Added support for reading clocks on newer ATI drivers (R700)
 - Fix for realtime clock sensor showing double memory speed on RV770 GDDR5
 - Added detection for GeForce 9800 GT, GeForce 9300 GE
 - Added support to start GPU-Z minimized (use -minimized)
 - Added tray icon when GPU-Z is minimized
 - Fixed crash when uploading large BIOS files
 - Fixed rare crash that could happen on some NVIDIA cards
 - Added detection for Intel Q43. G45 and some variants of G35, G965, GM965


Download: GPU-Z 0.2.6

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