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ct991.pngIntel and AMD published detailed, public information about the "DTS" (Digital Thermal Sensor), which provides much higher accuracy and more relevant temperature reading than the standard thermal diode sensors do. (How it works).

This feature is supported on all Intel Core and Core 2 based processors as well as the whole AMD's Athlon64 line of CPUs. For a full list of supported CPUs see the CPU Support List.

Core Temp also has a logging feature, allowing a user to easily record the temperature of his processor(s) over any period of time, then the data can be easily transferred into an excel datasheet for easy graphing.

Core Temp works on Windows 2000, XP and 2003 (both 32bit and 64bit versions). Windows Vista 32bit is fully supported.

Version 0.99.3 - 22th August, 2008

- Add: Correct TjMax values for 45nm Core 2 series, according to this document.

- Fix: When TjMax = 0 (undefined) "Delta to Tjunction" was not added to the temperature string.

Version 0.99.2 - 18th August, 2008

- Fix: Start with Windows option was broken in 0.99.1.
- Fix: Default color for the second system tray icon is invisible with WinXP blue theme.
- Fix: Save screenshot function would create a corrupted BMP in some viewing software.
- Fix: Nehalem does not report VID like earlier CPUs. VID field now disabled for Nehalem.
- Fix: Incorrect 65nm Turion X2 code name detection.
- Fix: Potential bug of improper K10 and up recognition.
- Fix: Enabling distance to Tj.Max with "Highest temp." for system tray would show the largest distance to Tj.Max instead of smallest.
- Fix: Vendor ID and Device ID values were reversed in the register dump file.
- Fix: 3/4 temperatures logged for Phenom X3/X4 instead of 1.

- Add: Support for Core Temp plugins. (Still in beta phase and not in GUI yet).
- Add: Full support for AMD's Puma platform CPUs (in previous version reffered to as Griffin).
- Add: Initial support for 45nm AMD processors.
- Add: Update K8 and K10 recognition code to support all currently known CPUs.
- Add: Default TDP detection for Nehalem.
- Add: On the fly CPU speed detection.
- Add: Close to system tray option.

- Change: Log file is now produced in CSV format - easily import your logs into Excel.
- Change: Logging interval is now in Seconds instead of miliseconds.
- Change: Default logging interval is now 10 seconds.
- Change: Logging is now off by default.

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