Doom 4 and Rage Not Likely for Digital Distribution

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Ggmania reported via Shacknews reports that id Software's upcoming shooter, Rage (PC, PS3, 360, Mac) will suffer from asset compression on the Xbox 360 version due to Microsoft's high licensing fee's for each DVD.

According to Carmack, the royalty fees to include a third disc in the Xbox 360 version would be so high that it simply isn't a feasible solution, with the programmer hoping for Microsoft to make a concession. He stressed that the issue is merely a storage problem and has nothing to do with the power of the Xbox 360 hardware, while adding that the PlayStation 3's Blu-ray format is Sony's one leg up on the competition. Carmack also noted his belief that neither Doom 4 or Rage will be digitally distributed online, as id isn't looking into that sort of distribution for its major titles at this point.

id Software's John Carmack also announced that work on the technology behind the company's upcoming shooter Rage is almost finished. Carmack said that a change to the animation system is coming soon, and that a few tweaks need to be made to the MegaTexture system, but that the heavy lifting is mostly over. The programming wizard reflected on the long development period for the id Tech 5 engine, which first began some three years ago. Carmack mentioned that the Rage code will mostly be carried over to Doom 4, where the focus will then be mainly on level design and creative aspects.

Doom 4 and Rage Not Likely for Digital Distribution

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