DLSSTweaks tweaking tool can enable DLAA support in DLSS-compatible games

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NVIDIA's DLAA (Deep Learning Antialiasing) technology operates on the same algorithm as DLSS, but without the upscaling component. Instead, it enhances image details in each frame, similar to traditional antialiasing techniques, but with the aid of AI.

DLAA improves image quality in games that run well on existing hardware, making it ideal for games that do not require powerful GPUs. However, in some cases, gamers may prefer higher fidelity over an increased frame rate and choose to lock the framerate. Although DLAA support is limited to a select number of games, developers occasionally add DLAA support regardless of current hardware performance, such as in the case of Hogwarts Legacy. Currently, there are 17 games that support DLAA, and a complete list is available.

For games without DLAA support, the DLSSTweaks plugin can be used to enable DLAA mode in DLSS games. The plugin also supports the latest DLSS 3.1 profiles, providing fine-tuning options for each game. The most recent update also added hooks for Vulkan API functions, potentially enabling support for Vulkan games such as the Doom series, although testing is pending.


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