DFI LANParty UT P55 Board First Look

The chaps from vrzone have caught their paws on LANPARTY UT P55 board which is packed with several new interesting features.

Why is it interesting you ask ?well .. you can see that this motherboard has a complete digital PWM and there is a slot for NAND flash. Also, DFI will be using Flame Freezer for the chipst cooling department as well. On closer examination, there is a mini USB port on the IO backpanel.

So what is it doing there? DFI refused to say anything but gave us a clue that it is BIOS related and is a breakthrough for motherboard technologies.

This mystery will be unravelled at Computex Taipei 2009 where DFI will officially be announcing this board there.


So what do you think that feature is for? Head over to this thread to share your opinion.


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