Detailed Overview of ASUS ROG Tessen Mobile Controller

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ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has announced the availability of the ROG Tessen Mobile Controller, a foldable mobile gaming controller designed for portability and superior control. The ROG Tessen is notable for its programmable rear paddles, additional rubber support pads for phone-case compatibility, mechanical switches for the face buttons and D-pad, and console-grade joysticks. This innovative design has received recognition in the Gaming/VR/AR category at the 2024 iF Design Awards and the 2024 Red Dot Award for product design. The ROG Tessen features a travel-friendly foldable design, allowing it to fit into any bag or pocket. The controller holds phones securely in landscape orientation, with the left side folding down to slot the phone into the extended USB-C connector.

Once connected, the left side flips up, and telescopic aluminum bridges lock the phone in place. Rubber support pads and the extended USB-C connector ensure compatibility with phones in protective cases. The Tessen is engineered to deliver console-like gaming experiences on mobile devices. The 18mm-tall right stick offers 22 degrees of movement for precise control, while the ergonomic hand grips are designed for comfortable extended gaming sessions. The face buttons and D-pad use high-quality mechanical switches for rapid response, tactile feedback, and durability. The controller includes two programmable aluminum rear paddles, which can be customized via the ROG button or the Armoury Crate app. This app offers advanced customization options, including button remaps and lighting effects. The ROG button can be configured for quick commands like taking screenshots, recording gameplay, switching lighting effects, or launching the Armoury Crate app.


The ROG Tessen supports 18-watt passthrough charging via USB-C, allowing gamers to play and charge their phones simultaneously without worrying about battery life. The USB-C connection features a 500 Hz polling rate, ensuring near-instantaneous input response. For enhanced personalization, the ROG Tessen includes Aura RGB lighting. The device's face is decorated with tiny ROG logos and cuts, while the rear surface features raised micro triangle textured markings to improve grip. The controller’s eco-friendly packaging, sourced from FSC-certified materials, can be repurposed into a stand, providing a place to display the device when not in use.


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