Der8auer LN2 Clocks 18-core Core i9 7980XE To 6 GHz (Uses 1000 Watts Energy)

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Pro-overclocker Der8auer did his trick on the new 18-core Core i9 7980XE. He applied LN2 cooling on Intel's most expensive consumer proc, and was able to reach a tweak to 6 GHz, that however did results into a power-consumption of a scary 1000 Watts :-)

The tweaks are all based on an all-core overlock with delidded CPU, and we suspect he had some binned processors at hand.

A stable tweak to 5.6 GHz (all-core) resulted into 5635 points in CineBench 15. At 1.55 Volts he reached 6.1 GHz but that was not stable enough. However it does set a number of records of course. How relevant these tests are you decide, LN2 overclocking is merely done for the numbers. An interesting side-note to make is power consumption, very interesting. The poor man reached 70 Amps for the 5.5 GHz OC. 70 Amps = 840 Watts. And yeah ... at 5.7 GHz he reached close to one Kilowatt in power consumption.

Check his video here.

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