Dell XPS Roadmap Reveals Future Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm Processor Releases

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A leaked product roadmap from Dell, a major PC manufacturer, has provided insight into the launch timelines of upcoming processors from Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. The detailed roadmap includes information about hardware platforms planned for future versions of Dell's XPS notebooks, a premium product line. As one of the largest PC OEMs, Dell's disclosed dates offer a credible glimpse into the future of processor technology. The roadmap outlines the expected introduction of Intel's Core Ultra 200V series "Lunar Lake-MX" processor in September 2024, likely coinciding with product unveilings at Computex.

Intel is developing the "Lunar Lake" processors specifically for the memory-on-package -MX segment, aiming to compete directly with Apple's future M3, M4, and M3 Pro chips. This specialized focus is part of Intel's strategy to carve out a niche in high-performance, integrated memory configurations. However, Intel's upcoming "Arrow Lake" architecture, expected to debut in the second half of 2024, will not feature an -MX variant, ensuring that there is no product overlap with "Lunar Lake."

The "Arrow Lake" processors are tailored for the mobile sector and are designed to support a range of power needs. These include the -U series for low power applications (7 W to 15 W), the -P series for moderate power (28 W to 35 W), and the -H series for high power requirements (45 W and above). These chips will follow traditional package designs with memory options either integrated on the motherboard or available as separate components such as socketed SO-DIMMs or LPCAMMs. The "Arrow Lake" mobile processors will be marketed under the Core Ultra 200-series branding, whereas the "Lunar Lake-MX" will be limited to the 200V series. Dell has projected that laptops featuring "Arrow Lake" processors will hit the market by January 2025.


In collaboration with Microsoft, Qualcomm is developing the Qualcomm Oryon "Snapdragon X V2" processor. This chip is targeted to compete with Apple's M4 series, which currently powers the latest iPad Pro and is expected in future MacBook models. Dell expects these Qualcomm processors to be available by July 2025.

Intel plans to release "Arrow Lake" by January 2025, but the series is anticipated to have a short market presence, lasting only three quarters. Following this, Dell anticipates the introduction of Intel's Core Ultra 300 series in October 2025. This new series will use the "Panther Lake" microarchitecture across the -U, -P, and -H segments. Currently, there are no plans for a successor to the -MX segment after "Lunar Lake," as Intel awaits market feedback before potentially developing a "Panther Lake-MX."

Dell predicts that the "Panther Lake" series will have a stable market lifecycle of one year, extending until October 2026. After this period, Intel is expected to launch the Core Ultra 400 series, which will continue targeting the -U, -P, and -H segments using the "Nova Lake" microarchitecture. The inclusion of an -MX variant in this series will depend on the market success of "Lunar Lake-MX."

Source: Wccftech

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