Dell New Inspiron Compact Desktop mini tower PC with 14.7L capacity 13th generation Intel Core

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Dell announced a new Inspiron Compact Desktop, a mini-tower PC with a 14.7L housing desktop PC outfitted with a 13th generation Intel Core processor TDP65W Non-K version. 

The graphics card can be upgraded to a GeForce RTX 3050 option, and it can be used not only for business but also as a light gaming PC. The cheapest premium model has a Core i5-13400 CPU, DDR4-3200 memory, 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD, and 1TB HDD storage, as well as wired LAN and Wi-Fi 6 wireless LAN. The body measures 154mm wide, 293mm deep, 324.3mm tall, and weighs approximately 4.94kg. The operating system includes Windows 11 Home. It was also announced that a Ryzen 7000 series model will be added to the all-in-one "New Inspiron 24 AMD Frameless Desktop" with a 23.8-inch full HD liquid crystal display.

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