Deepcool white version of AIO water-cooled GAMMAX X L A-RGB series with leakage prevention

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Deepcool has unveiled a white all-in-one water cooling unit with a novel liquid leakage avoidance system. The handling of GAMMAXX L240 A-RGB WH and GAMMAXX L360 A-RGB WH has been announced. 

It is a white model of the popular all-in-one type water cooling unit "GAMMAX X L A-RGB" series, with 240mm and 360mm radiators. The "Anti-leak Tech" system is used, which includes a pressure release device within the radiator and automatically changes the internal pressure balance to prevent liquid leaking to the outside.

The water block head and cooling fan both feature ARGB LEDs built in that may be coordinated with the lighting technologies of any motherboard maker. It also allows for adjustments to be made using the associated controller. The specifications of the cooling fan to be installed are a rotation speed of 500 to 1,800 rpm ± 10%, an air volume of 69.34 CFM, a static pressure of 2.42 mmAq, and a noise level of 30 dBA or less.

Intel LGA1700 / 1200 / 115x / 2066 / 2011v3 / 2011, AMD AM4 are supported systems.

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