DeepCool Launches New MYSTIQUE AIO Liquid Coolers With 2.8" LCD Display

DeepCool announced the launch of its MYSTIQUE AIO series of liquid coolers. The series is distinguished by its inclusion of customizable 2.8" TFT LCD screens, marking a significant advancement in the combination of aesthetics, personalization, and cooling efficiency in liquid cooling systems. The MYSTIQUE series highlights a 2.8" IPS TFT LCD screen that delivers a resolution of 640x480 pixels, capable of displaying a wide color spectrum of 16.7 million colors. This feature enables users to customize their systems with personalized images and animations, enhancing the PC customization experience.

Incorporating DeepCool's latest 5th generation pump technology, the MYSTIQUE coolers are designed for optimal cooling performance, particularly for high-demand CPUs. The pump is engineered with a 3-phase, 6-slot, 4-pole motor, achieving a maximum rotation speed of 3400 RPM while maintaining low noise levels at 21 dB(A). The series also introduces a redesigned coldplate that improves heat transfer through 0.1mm intensive flow channels, effectively targeting CPU hotspots. This design ensures efficient liquid flow, contributing to the cooler's overall performance.

The MYSTIQUE coolers are equipped with high-performance FT12 SE PWM fans constructed from durable PBT material. These fans support a 3-phase 6-slot 4-pole motor design, offering smoother operation compared to standard fans. With a speed range of 500-2150 RPM, an airflow of 72.45 CFM, and noise levels of ≤36.49 dB(A), the fans provide an optimal balance of airflow and acoustics. Designed for easy installation, the coolers come with all necessary mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD platforms. The DeepCreative Control Center software enhances the user experience by offering real-time system statistics, detailed system information, and compatibility with various devices, featuring Monitoring, Media, and Recording modes.


The MYSTIQUE series is available with either 240mm or 360mm radiator options, suitable for various system configurations at €149.99 and €179.99. The products are covered by a five-year warranty and are available from February 20, 2024, with the MYSTIQUE 360 available on Amazon and the MYSTIQUE 240 set for release at the end of March.

The MYSTIQUE 360  will be available from Amazon [MYSTIQUE 360], MYSTIQUE 240 will be available at the end of March.

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