Danamics LMX cooler gets tested

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Much discussed for the usage of poisonous liquid metal the Danamics LMX liquid metal cooler got tested. This is the second attempt from Danamics at a processor cooler that uses liquid metal cooling technology.

The product is still gonna fail as it's as expensive as a good water-cooling kit yet still has a hard time battling off three to four times cheaper high-end air based CPU coolers. With a price tag of around 170EUR it makes more sense to invest in something else and the heck away from it.

"The Danamics LMX liquid metal cooler is one of those products that doesn't currently have a niche, that isn't to say that there will never be one, just that at the moment there is still a well defined line between high end air cooling and decent water cooling. In theory, the LMX should have fallen somewhere between the two camps, making itself a spot and satisfying demand. The problem that we have is that although the LMX does beat the rest of the high-end air-cooled pack, it doesn't do it by a significant enough margin for it to be a viable proposition for most people. Cost is a significant factor and at

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