Daily deals Mar 27 2009

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So for the daily deals we often revert to CPUs, power supplies, memory and graphics cards. For this bulletin I wanted to do something else, PC cases.

A chassis is always a personal choice, so this it is a bit of a daunting challenge to point you to some nice deals. None the less, I hope you like my choices, the prices are among the best I found on the web for you. Check it out:

  • Antec Skeleton Mini Tower - You hate it or love it, the design however is really controversial. Just have a look at the design if you do not know what I am talking about. It is selling for $149.99
  • Cooler Master Cosmos S Black Full Tower - This one I own myself. I adore it, I love it a little really. It's so stylish and the space is just amazing. Not cheap though, the best price I could find is $199.99, but worth every penny.
  • ThermalTake Bach Media Lab Black HTPC - If you want to build a classy HTPC and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars, then check out this chassis. It's design is classy, black and I actually won it's little sister, the Mozart. I never regretted that purchase. Check out the price link to see the sheer design for a really nice HTPC, and it's only $115.27, a really fair price.
  • Lian-Li Lian Li Silver Aluminum PC7 A Plus - There's no PC Case deasl page possible without at least one Lian Li chassis, pure aluminum baby. Typically very expensive, however check it out ... The PC-7A PLUS Classic I spotted for $96.77, very classy stuff really.
  • NZXT Tempest Black - The last chassis I like to point out is one from NZXT, known for quality products. They really think through their PC cases. The tempest has a stunning design really. We found it for $99.99, go check it out.

That's it for this update, have a great weekend you guys :)

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