CS:GO YouTuber McSkillet died in car crash, a mother and daughter killed

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Awful shocking news today. Just before the weekend a popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive player and YouTube creator died following a multi-car collision that occurred just outside of San Diego. Reportedly he drove his supercar into oncoming traffic, and killed a woman and her daughter.

Trevor Heitmann was a popular YouTuber gamer with nearly 900,000 subscribers to his YouTube video channel and his Twitter followers knew him as McSkillet. Various tweets by gaming fans said he had been banned from facilitating e-sport gambling that had brought him a sizeable income – enough to buy a handmade, 2015 British McLaren 650S sports car that would have cost US$250,000 or more. The McLaren, with Heitmann behind the wheel, slammed head-on into a Hyundai SUV and both vehicles burst into flames. It is suggested by some, he was not in a right state of mind.

The crash happened on Thursday after 4:30 pm local time, where Heitmann, driving the wrong way, crashed into a Hyundai SUV killing a 43-year-old woman and her 12-year-old daughter. According to an interview, one of Heitmann's friend said he had been dealing with depression before the crash. 

“I don’t know how to feel,” they said. “I knew him so well in middle and high school, he was a really good person and we had a lot of great memories together, but now learning about all the tragedy he caused for the people who died, I don’t know what to feel.”

McSkillet has made a substantial amount of money through his YouTube channel, enough for him to purchase the luxury car involved in the crash. However, it's been several months since his most recent upload. The YouTuber never revealed his real name or his face online.


The two crash victims are Aileen Pizarro, 43, and her daughter Aryana (12), their Son setup has set up a GoFundMe page for their memorial. This would cover the funeral costs and additional expenses related to their deaths. The original goal is only for $5,000 USD, but has now raised over $50.000 by almost a 1000 people.

What a tragedy.

CS:GO YouTuber McSkillet died in car crash, a mother and daughter killed

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