Crysis 2 might see a remaster too

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Last year Crysis Remastered launched, and albeit the title has been received with mixed feelings, it now looks like Crysis 2 will also get a remaster as Crytek started some small teaser posts on social media.

On Twitter page shows a tweet mentioning: “They used to call me Prophet.” This sentence is first heard during the initial phase of Crysis 2. A day later, another tweet was posted showing an enemy hinting towards Crysis 2. While it's uncertain if it'll be a remaster, all chatter doesn't indicate that. With CryEngine 3, Crysis 2 would look a lot better than its predecessor, including added support for 8k, ray tracing, and other visual enhancements.

The timing is also interesting, shortly before the digital E3 event.

Crysis 2 might see a remaster too

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