CRYORIG Origami Case Depth Checker, Case Compatibility Made Simple

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Honestly, I doubted posting this. But perhaps it it actually is useful for someone. CRYORIG is releasing the second Origami based compatibility checker. Thech this line in the press-reelease: CRYORIG has pushed the limits of paper folding innovation again with the CRYORIG Origami Case Depth Checker.

The CRYORIG Origami Case Depth Checker is a simple to build tool to help PC builders measure their case's CPU Cooler Tolerance Height, as there are still many case manufacturers who for some reason choose to omit this in their product page. Without this critical information, PC builders are left in the dark regarding wither or not a certain cooler will fit their case or not.

The CRYORIG Origami Case Depth Checker is easy to make and only takes a few clicks to download and assemble. On the CRYORIG Origami Case Depth Checker you'll find a ruler and set height markers that tell you directly which models can fit your case. What's more! There will also be height markers for popular coolers from be quiet! Coolermaster, Noctua and more! If there is any request for additional height markers for other models and brands just write in to and CRYORIG will add them to the list.

For more information, visit this page.

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