Crucial P2 Surfaces (NVMe M2 in 250GB and 500 GB sizes)

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Crucial has announced their P2 series M2 SSDs. The P2 series is likely based on QLC written NAND and that means it is writing four bits per cell. Doing more with less should make these SSDs a fair bit cheaper. 

This new NVMe model in M.2 2280 using the PCI Express 3.0 standard, offers the essentials. The 250 GB version reads at 2100 MB / sec and writes at 1150 MB / sec while the 500 GB version reads at 2300 MB / sec and writes at 940 MB / sec. The SSD probably uses QLC memory, like in P1, but we don't have that confirmed just yet. The TBW values we learned ar listed at 150 TB for both models, which is not a lot as you could completely write the SSD 300x before NAND would get exhausted. Then again as a laptop of say an extra SSD to store your games on, it could make sense if priced right.  The company will offer a warranty is 5 years, or that TBW value reached; whichever once comes first.

Prices are expected to be 59 euros for the 250 GB version and 69 euros for the 500 GB.

Crucial P2 Surfaces (NVMe M2 in 250GB and 500 GB sizes)

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