Crucial Launches T700 Gen5 SSD and Crucial Pro Series DRAM

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Micron unveiled the Crucial Pro Series, a new line of memory and storage products specifically designed to cater to the needs of gamers, content creators, and workstation professionals. These products offer a robust and high-performance computing experience with seamless plug-and-play functionality.

Among the notable offerings in the Crucial Pro Series is the Crucial T700 PCIe Gen 5 SSD. This flagship product delivers exceptional sequential read/write speeds of up to 12,400 MB/s and 11,800 MB/s respectively, establishing itself as an industry leader. With impressive random read/write speeds of up to 1,500K IOPS, this SSD enables faster execution of tasks such as gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, and handling heavy workloads (read the Guru3D review here).

Additionally, the Crucial Pro Series introduces the Crucial DDR5 Pro and DDR4 Pro DRAM offerings, equipped with heat spreaders. These memory solutions provide an instant boost to system speed, bandwidth, and responsiveness, eliminating the need for LED lights and the potential risks associated with overclocking and latency tuning.

With the Crucial Pro Series, Micron Technology aims to meet the growing demands of professionals in need of reliable and high-performance computing solutions.

The Future of Fast: Crucial T700 Gen 5 SSD
Built with Micron 232-layer TLC NAND and nearly two times faster than the previous Gen 4 performance SSD with sequential read speeds up to 12,400 MB/s, the Crucial T700 Gen 5 SSD is designed for Intel 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPUs and PCIe 5.0 desktops and motherboards. The Crucial T700 SSD takes full advantage of Microsoft DirectStorage and GPU decompression functionality to render high-resolution textures up to 60% faster, load assets in seconds and achieve up to 90% less CPU utilization to free up the system for multitasking purposes. Moreover, the Crucial T700 SSD also features a premium aluminium and nickel-plated copper heatsink to maximize heat dissipation and minimize thermal performance throttling without the noise or failure risks of integrated fans or liquid cooling. A non-heatsink version of the T700 SSD is also available for use with an integrated motherboard heatsink, and both types are backward compatible with PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 motherboards for ultimate flexibility.

No Fuss. Just Fast. Crucial DDR5 and DDR4 Pro DRAM
Crucial DDR5 Pro memory has the blazing speed and massive bandwidth needed to support next-gen multi-core CPUs and unleash performance previously only attainable with extreme performance memory. This innovative technology empowers PCs to multitask better; load, analyze, edit and render faster; game with higher frame rates; uncover data insights more quickly; and enhance productivity to save time and money. Available at a speed of 5,600MT/s, this new memory enables up to 1.75 times the data rates and two times the bandwidth of DDR4 memory.

Crucial Pro DRAM supports Intel XMP 2.0 or 3.0 and AMD EXPO 10 on every module to recover performance if the CPU challenges memory speeds in two or four DIMM configurations. Crucial is the only memory brand to offer Intel XMP and AMD EXPO on the same memory module to maximize performance across platforms, providing users with flexibility to integrate Crucial DDR5 Pro DRAM in either an Intel or AMD PC build. The streamlined product SKUs also reduce inventory management complexities for channel partners and distributors. Crucial DDR5 Pro memory has universal compatibility with 12th Gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 7000 Series desktop CPUs and above, while Crucial DDR4 Pro DRAM has universal compatibility with 8th to 13th Gen Intel Core and AMD Ryzen 1000 to 5000 Series desktop CPUs. Both Crucial DDR5 and DDR4 Pro memory have black aluminium heat spreaders that offer sleek style in a low-profile module for even the smallest form factor PCs, while also providing heat dissipation.

The Crucial T700 SSD is available now in 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB capacities in both heatsink and non-heatsink M.2 2280 form factor options. Crucial DDR5 Pro memory is also now available in 16 GB 5,600MT/s UDIMM modules, while the DDR4 Pro memory is offered in 16 GB and 32 GB 3,200MT/s UDIMM modules worldwide from leading retail and e-tail stores, commercial resellers and system integrators.

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