Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI TWS Earbuds and Earphones

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Creative has introduced its latest products, the Zen Air SXFI and Zen Hybrid SXFI, incorporating its Super X-Fi technology. This technology mimics the soundstage of a high-end surround system, offering users a spatial audio experience that transforms traditional stereo sound into a three-dimensional soundscape. Super X-Fi provides a sense of depth and realism, enhancing the auditory experience across various applications, from cinematic sounds to the intricacies of a game’s ambient environment. The SXFI App, compatible with iOS and Android, allows users to personalize their auditory experience by adjusting the sound profile to the unique contours of their head and ears. This personalization aims to deliver a more precise spatial audio experience.

The Creative Zen Air SXFI and Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI also feature several adaptive technologies. With options for Hybrid ANC, Adaptive ANC, and Ambient mode, users can tailor their listening experience to their environment—whether they wish to focus solely on their audio or remain aware of their surroundings. These earphones and headphones also support low-latency audio, ensuring synchronization during gaming or video playback, and offer Multipoint connectivity, which allows seamless switching between two Bluetooth devices.

Focusing on their primary attributes, the Creative Zen Air SXFI is equipped with custom-tuned 10 mm Neodymium drivers, which produce clear highs and balanced mids. This model offers up to 39 hours of playtime without ANC, features IPX5 water resistance, and supports wireless charging, making it suitable for active users.

The Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI, alternatively, includes custom-tuned 40 mm Neodymium drivers that ensure precise highs and rich lows. It boasts up to 70 hours of playtime without ANC and features a foldable headband for enhanced portability. It also supports analog line-in connectivity and includes built-in microphones with Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC), which improves call clarity and voice command responsiveness.

The Creative Zen Air SXFI is available for pre-order at an approximate price of $79 USD, and the Creative Zen Hybrid SXFI at about $109 USD, reflecting current exchange rates from the original pricing in Singapore dollars. Both models can be pre-ordered through Creative’s official website.

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