Creative Releases the Sound Blaster G3 USB DAC Amp (for Gaming Consoles)

Creative Technology releases the Sound Blaster G3, a portable gaming USB DAC Amp designed and built with game console users in mind. The palm-sized device is the first Sound Blaster that works directly on PS4 and Nintendo Switch via a driverless plug-and-play format, and is also compatible with PC and Mac.

Featuring hi-definition 24-bit audio at 100 dB DNR, it has the ability to drive studio-grade headphones of up to 300 ohms of impedance. When connected to a PC or Mac, it has the ability to handle discrete 7.1 channel input and offer up to 7.1 surround sound virtualization as well as the Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine.

Sound Blaster G3 also comes equipped with the latest GameVoice Mix feature, designed to make in-game chats hassle-free. This feature allows users to freely adjust the game audio and chat volume with a scroll wheel. On top of that, users gain an edge with the custom-tuned Footsteps Enhancer, a customizable EQ that helps to pinpoint the opponent's location. There are also EQ profiles customized for popular games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Overwatch. On-the-fly controls can be made remotely with the Sound Blaster Guru Command mobile app available for iOS and Android, without the need to unplug or exit the gaming console screen. Pairing it via Bluetooth, gamers can use their mobile phones like a remote control and access the volume and mic controls, saved EQ settings and even perform firmware updates. On PC and Mac, the Sound Blaster Command desktop app serves up the customizable suite of playback and recording options.

Audio controls are also located at the sides, making adjustments simple with just one hand. Sound Blaster G3 is powered entirely via USB-C and comes with a USB-A adaptor.

The Sound Blaster G3 is priced at  US $59.

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