Creative Labs shows high-end Sound BlasterX AE-9

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Good soundcards are a dying breed, most motherboards these days offer an audio solution that is plenty enough for the 99% of end users. However, there are always audiophiles that would like that little bit of extra. Hey, meet the Sound BlasterX AE-9.

The new Sound BlasterX AE-9 has configurable (replaceable) opamps and uses an ESS Sabre 32 digital-analog converter which we assume is the same as the ES9016 from the AE-5 . The DAC would have a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 129 dB. The card will have AE-9 has xamp for each separate headphone-stereo channel. The AE-9 also has an external 6-pin power connection, which means the card could use up to 75 watts. We, however, assume that is needed for an external breakout box connected here.

The breakout box will get two microphone connectors and two headphone outputs at the front and two RCA connections at the back. The AE-9 should become available later this month for about $ 300.

Creative Labs shows high-end Sound BlasterX AE-9

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