COUGAR POSEIDON GT AIO Liquid cooling released

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POSEIDON GT series of water cooling units that do everything at once. The radiator uses a design called "UTTERIGHT fins," which are shaped at right angles to increase the contact area compared to regular corrugated fins and are very good at transferring heat. 

The water block also has an infinity mirror and an ARGB lighting function. It also has a rotating mechanism so that the logo always faces forward, no matter which way it is installed. The product line includes a 240mm radiator called "POSEIDON GT 240" and a 360mm radiator called "POSEIDON GT 360." Both of these radiators have a 120mm high static pressure fan called "MHP120" (600 to 2,000rpm 200rpm / 82.48CFM /4.24mmH2O/34.5dBA) that comes with them. The water block has a diameter of 71.5mm and a height of 49.8mm. The pump unit turns at a speed of 3,200200rpm. For the "POSEIDON GT 240," the radiator is 121mm wide, 272mm deep, 27mm thick, and 400mm long. For the "POSEIDON GT 360," the radiator is 121mm wide, 392mm deep, 27mm thick, and 400mm long.

Intel LGA115x/1366/1200/1700/2011/2066 and AMD Socket TR4/TRX4/AM5/AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+) are platforms that are supported.

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