Cougar launches AURIC, Semi-fanless GOLD power supply with aRGB

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COUGAR announced the "AURIC" series of semi-fanless power supply units that have acquired 80 PLUS GOLD certification.It's fannless functionality is applied up-to a load of 40%

An 80 PLUS GOLD certified power supply unit that uses an addressable RGB LED fan as the cooling fan. There are two models with capacities of 650W and 750W, both of which use a fully modular cable.

The lighting mode can be synchronized with the rear switch or the illumination function of the motherboard. In addition, the rotation speed of the fan can be switched between semi-fanless mode and constant rotation mode, and in semi-fanless mode, the load factor operates up to 40% without any sound. + 12V is a single lane design, and the output is 54.2A for the 650W model and 62.5A for the 750W model. The capacitors used are 105 ° C compatible products made by Japanese manufacturers, and the blur is suppressed to only ± 1.5% for both 3.3V / 5V / 12V by LLC, DC-DC, and Trisense design.

There are six types of protection circuits: undervoltage protection (UVP), overvoltage protection (OVP), short-circuit protection (SCP), overpower protection (OPP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and short-circuit protection (SCP). The external dimensions are width 150 mm, depth 150 mm, height 86 mm, and weight 1.55 kg.

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