Corsair Recalls a batch of SF Series Power Supplies

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There's a problem with high Temperatures and humidity on a specific batch of them. Corsair discovered a potential problem with its SF series of Platinum-certified SFX power supplies that can lead to failure when the unit is exposed to high temperatures and high humidity. 

SF units with a batch code between 194448xx to 201148xx, (October 2019 to March 2020), can potentially fail. Customers who purchased their SF power supplies before October shouldn’t be impacted.

“This problem can be apparent as soon as the unit is powered on for the first time, or manifest over time as the unit is exposed to a range of environmental conditions,” wrote Corsair. “We want to reassure customers that impacted units in no way risk damage to the components and hardware connected to your SF series PSU. This fault can occur only on the primary side of the PSU and is entirely isolated from the DC side of the PSU’s transformer that delivers power to your PC’s hardware.”

“While this issue does not, and will not, impact every unit manufactured within this time, out of an abundance of caution and commitment to the quality of the SF-Series, we are starting a voluntary product replacement program for owners of SF PSUs within this lot code range.”

If you own one, check it out and if so and you would like a new one, you can go here to submit a ticket to Corsair’s customer service team. “Where possible, we will endeavour to offer advance replacement of units to minimize customer downtime and disruption,” noted Corsair.

“The originally purchased unit will need to be returned to CORSAIR, at our expense.” So Corsair will replace the unit free of cost and even take care of the shipping fees.


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