CORSAIR Launches Improved iCUE Software and Elgato Stream Deck Plugin

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CORSAIR introduced major improvements to its CORSAIR iCUE software, making it easier for users to download iCUE and start customizing and controlling their systems immediately. 

With a smaller installer and a more streamlined, efficient file size for most users, iCUE is now more accessible, while remaining as powerful as ever.

When users install the new iCUE, both the installer size, and iCUE file size, will be dramatically reduced. The new modular architecture will recognize and include only the settings you need for your connected iCUE-compatible devices so your system resources will be optimized. Want a more extensive iCUE experience? You can add modules such as NVIDIA Broadcast, third-party smart lighting control, and RGB game integrations, or make a more personalized iCUE interface.

For Elgato Stream Deck fans, the latest CORSAIR iCUE plugin lets you seamlessly control iCUE settings from your Stream Deck, Stream Deck Mobile app, or Stream Deck functions on CORSAIR keyboard macro keys. With this updated plugin, you can now change lighting profiles on the fly, view your PC temps and stats, or adjust CORSAIR fan speeds and cooling presets. Mute your microphone, adjust EQ settings and surround sound, and control NVIDIA Broadcast with just a keypress. Stream Deck keys can display a wide range of icons to match your setup, or have more fun by personalizing each key with your own custom images.

"Our customers have provided invaluable feedback on how to cater iCUE to fit their needs and improve their user experience, and we took it to heart," said Bertrand Chevalier, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Gaming. "With these updates, we're excited to bring fans a more streamlined, intuitive experience that empowers them to create the RGB lighting, PC gaming, or streaming setup of their dreams."

With these improvements to the iCUE experience, users can enjoy a truly united setup, easier and faster than ever.

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