Corsair 1.3 Firmware for Force 3 & GT SSDs

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Corsair has just released a new firmware revision for the SandForce SF-2000 powered Force 3 and GT solid state drives which should resolve all the stability issues the drives faced until now.

Grab the update here.

The new firmware version is 1.3 and Corsair calls it a recommended upgrade for all the users who have had problems with their Force series SSDs built using second generation SandForce controllers.

The update has been validated for use only with Windows 7 (Corsair doesn't deny the possibility of it working with XP or Vista), doesn't allow users to flash back to a previous version, and shouldn't affect the data stored on the drive.

The company however encourages users to backup all of their important information before proceeding with the update, to make sure that no problems arise during this process.

More information regarding this firmware update is available on Corsair's official support forum (available by following this link) together with a complete PDF guide which details every step of the process.

The update is compatible with all Force GT and Force Series 3 SSDs. As usual, failure to comply with all the instructions provided can result in bricking the SSD.

Despite the impressive performance demonstrated by these drives, they were affected by a series of problems, which, at the beginning of June, forced Corsair to recall all the 120GB Force 3 units released until then.

The issues that affected the drives ranged from BSODs and BIOS detection errors to random freezes and RAID failures.

Most of those issues were resolved in mid-June when Corsair released a new version of the drives. These can be identified by using the first four numbers above the product part number on the UPC sticker. If these read 1123 or above than the SSD is a new product.

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