Core i9-9900KS chips further binned to 5200 MHz - Sells for $1200

Remember the Silicon Lottery? they bin processors for fastest operation and then re-sell them. Well, they have posted prices for the new 8-core Core i9-9900KS. For the Intel Core i9 9900KS @ 5.2GHz Special Edition you need to pay 1200 bucks though, but it has sold out at the time of writing.

The core voltage is increased from 1.250V to 1.325V and the multiplier from 50 to 52. The Core i9 9900KS @ 5.2GHz runs at a CPU multiplier of x52, with Vcore of 1.325V and AVX offset of 2. If you were to buy a random Intel Core i9-9900KS from any other retailer, Silicon Lottery mentions that 3 percent of these pre-binned chips would achieve this performance of achieving a stable >5.2GHz (at this low voltage).

They are sold out though, but 5.1GHz models are still available, at the price of US749 at a 51x CPU multiplier using 1.287V. Only the top 31 percent of chips tested could achieve this.

You can also purchase the normal Intel Core i9 9900KS @ 5.0GHz Special Edition from Silicon Lottery, however, who does that as you know they have been binned and you'd be buying the worst batch, at a higher price?

Core i9-9900KS chips further binned to 5200 MHz - Sells for $1200

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