Core i7s have a Phenom-like TLB issue? No, says Intel

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Dan Snyder from Intel released a reaction to the reported TBL bug in the new Core i7 processors. He said the following:

This is simply a pointer to a previous document written in April 2007. This document is an application note (advises on programming techniques) that programmers have had since April of 2007. This item in the Nehalem spec sheet is a web pointer, under the heading "spec clarification". The reporter who wrote this did not contact us and we will try to clarify this with him.

In other words, Intel shareholders probably shouldn't be losing any sleep over this.

For reference, the AMD TLB erratum caused data corruption and system hangs in periods of high CPU utilization, and AMD halted shipments of quad-core Opterons for months because of it. On the desktop, the company released a BIOS fix that crippled the performance of early quad-core Phenoms in many apps. All Phenoms with model numbers ending in "50" and all shipping quad-core Opterons lack the erratum, though [via tech report].

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