Core i7-4790 Performance Review Leaks

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The first 'review' on a Haswell refresh processor leaked today, the review entails the Core i7-4790 which got tested on an unknown Z97 motherboard. The processoris only slightly faster than a i7-4770K. Which makes sense as the processor is like 100 MHz faster only. 

The i7-4790 is clocked at 3.60 GHz and has a Turbo Boost speed towards 4.00 GHz. For the 4770K that is 3.50 GHz and 3.90 GHz. being a non-K model it kinda blows in overclocking. But if you plan to game and don't overclock, this might be a good CPU for you. The K-Series Haswell Refresh processors in specific are codenamed Devil’s Canyon which have an improved  packaging and improved TIM (Thermal Interface). The processors are specifically re-engineered for enhanced performance and overclocking.

 Core i7-4790K will feature 4 cores and 8 threads along with a fully unlocked design which will allow users to overclock the chip past the limits thanks to the improved thermal design and updated package materials.

So yeah the rest of us will wait on the "Devil's Canyon." series processors, of course. Find the full review at the source.

Core i7-4790 Performance Review Leaks

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