Core i5 to Feature Lower QPI MP yet high frequency

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Looks like there are more changes inbetween Core i7 and the mainstream (to be relased) Core i5 processors. It seems that Intel is shaving off more and more of the mainstream Core i7 processors in order to cut costs.  Right now word out on the street is that Intel decided to increase it's QPI base frequency towards 250 MHz yet will be lowering the multipliers.

Say that we take a current Core i7 uses with a 20+ multiplier with a base frequency of 133 MHz. This frequency could be scaled up to 166 MHz at 24x multiplier due to the theoretical speed-limit of QPI at 8.00 GT/s.

With the Core i5, Intel will set lower limited QPI multiplier values (around 16X), while upping the base frequency to around 250 MHz. The need for a 250MHz base frequency suggests way less transistors opposed to Core i7 to maintain decent performance [via expreview].

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