Cooltek Launches GT-05 Mini-Tower Chassis

Versatile features, such as the incredibly simple hardware installation, an integrated card reader or the ability to customize the color scheme of the case, distinguish the case. The GT-05 fulfills our requirements to offer exceptional functionality, a stylish design and outstanding quality at an attractive price. 

Cover and front of the GT-05 are kept in black piano lacquer finish. One 3.5 inch and one 5.25 inch external bay are available for the installation of drives. A flip-down cover closes optical drive bay and ensures a uniform color scheme. Only the plastic elements that run through front and top, as well as the power and reset buttons are held in matte black. Without any effort, these elements can be swapped with different colored pieces (which are included) and allow an almost unique individualization of our PC-case.

The main feature of the case is without a doubt the extremely easy installation of the hardware. For the mounting of the motherboard, CPU-cooler or the VGA-card, the case can literally be "unfolded". Hinges on the bottom of the front panel make this smart solution possible. After the removal of two screws, the top can be flipped to the front; the installation of the components becomes child's play.

The case is divided horizontally into two distinct thermal zones. The upper zone offers space for the motherboard with CPU, cooler and VGA card, as well as the optical drives and a 2.5 inch HDD/SSD. In the lower zone the PSU and two 3.5 inch drives can be mounted. The hard disk drives are installed without tools in practical hard drive sleds. At the back there are four PCI expansion slots for the installation of expansion cards located. Due to the intelligent design of the GT-05 users can install CPU-coolers with an installation height of 165 mm and VGA-cards with a maximum length of 340 mm. One 120 mm fan is preinstalled at the rear of the case, additional fans can be mounted behind the front (1 x 120 or 140 mm) or under the top (1 x 120 mm)

The GT-05 is expected to arrive in stores next week. The MSRP is 49.99 Euro, incl. 19% VAT.

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