Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler launched

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Spotted already at the CeBIt early this year, Cooler Master officially introduced the V8 processor cooler. This unit features 8 heatpipes, four sets of modular aluminum fins and a copper mirror-finished based. The heatsink weighs 865g and has a 120mm fan.

Taking center-stage with its rugged industrial design, this wicked V8 monster has enough horsepower to perform its duties with any high-performance CPU while under the most critical heat conditions.

On top of its stylish design, the V8 Cooler includes some very rich features. For heat dissipation it is a smart 180W cooling solution, which is modularized by 4 separate sets of aluminium fins linked by 8 diagonal up-rise heat pipes. The V8 structural design allows for speedy heat transfer from its mirror-finished base to a large heat dissipation surface.

For optimal performance, Cooler Master placed a center mounted 120mm fan which blows cool air through the fins of the modularized heat sink, enabling ultimate cooling of the heat created by the CPU.

As an added value feature, the V8 comes equipped with an adjustable fan speed controller which allows you to adjust the fan speed manually from the back of the chassis, providing the most favorable balance between performance and noise level. The fan adjustment allows differentiation from 7V to 12V and fan speeds of 800-1800 RPM, allowing peak performance during game time and silent cooling while watching your favorite movies.

Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler launched

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