Cooler Master Sues SilverStone, Enermax, and Apaltek Over Patented Pump-inside-Radiator Cooler Designs

Ironically, Cooler Master was the one party sued in the past by Asetek for a similar thing. Cooler Master has initiated legal proceedings against SilverStone, Enermax, and Apaltek, accusing them of violating its patents on pump-inside-radiator cooler designs and ARGB mini-controller designs. Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, the lawsuit aims to obtain compensation for damages and cover legal expenses.

The dispute involves three specific U.S. Patents - Nos. 10,509,446; 11,061,450; and D856,941. Cooler Master alleges that certain products from SilverStone and Enermax, such as the IceMyst 240 AIO, IceGem 360 AIO, Aquafusion ADV AIO, and Liqmax III ARGB AIO, infringe on these patents. These patents are related to Cooler Master's unique design of integrating the cooling pump within the radiator, a departure from the conventional approach where the pump is usually located near the CPU.

The lawsuit highlights Cooler Master's issue with the adoption of a similar pump placement by other manufacturers in their all-in-one liquid coolers, which is believed to offer advantages like enhanced design flexibility and lower risk of pump failure. While other companies, including MSI and NZXT, have products with similar design features, Cooler Master's legal action is specifically against SilverStone, Enermax, and Apaltek.

Patent infringement cases often delve into the intricacies of design differences, which can be critical in determining the legality of similar designs. This case recalls Cooler Master's previous legal victory in a similar dispute with Asetek in 2017 over cooler designs. Now, Cooler Master is asserting its rights against the alleged infringement by SilverStone, Enermax, and Apaltek, with the resolution of this case pending.



Source: techpowerup

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