Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige Launches

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Cooler Master has joined forces with the European pioneer of water-cooling: Alphacool from Germany. The result is an incredibly durable and compact water-cooling system: the Eisberg Prestige. While developing the Eisberg, we used German knowledge of water-cooling and combined it with the long experience Cooler Master has in processor cooling. Everything that is needed to have the ultimate in water-cooling performance is included in the Eisberg System: performance features for maximizing water flow and a 100% copper loop including radiator and waterblock. The Eisberg prestige will be pre-filled, sealed and tested in Germany to ensure durability and performance when the pump is installed.

Micro Channel Technology

The Eisberg water-cooling system uses the most powerful technologies to improve water block performance. One of these improvements is the Micro Channel Technology designed to maximise  the contact surface area between the coolant and the 100% copper base.

Jet Stream Technology

Jet Stream Technology produces a turbo injection of coolant inside the water block. The waterstream will be pushed to its optimal speed and pressure to maximise water block performance. The Eisberg’s built-in stream diffuser pushes the waterstream through the Jet Stream plate, to create high pressure which compresses the coolant inside the Micro Channel water block. The fast flow of coolant and the optimized contact area of the copper base result in one of the best water blocks on the market today.


The Pump

The heart of every water-cooling system is the pump, its most important features are durability and static coolant pressure. That’s why the Eisberg is pre-assembled in Germany and uses a German axis pump with ceramic pipe. These high quality components guarantee excellent performance and durability, the Eisberg will last 50,000 Hours Lifetime at 400 Liters per hour, but perhaps even more importantly; the pump delivers static pressure above 2.2 Meter lift height.

The Eisberg Prestige

The Eisberg is the first compact water-cooling system which offers high-performance cooling in combination with all the features of a custom-made water-cooling system. Alongside the 2 complete sets, Cooler Master offers the Eisberg Prestige as a standalone pump and reservoir. This is for end-users who already have their own custom watercooling loop inside their chassis and just want to upgrade their system.

The Eisberg Prestige 120L and 240L

Other than the Eisberg Prestige, Cooler Master offers two full Watercooling Sets:

The Eisberg Prestige 120L with a 120 Copper Radiator and 2 x 120mm Fans and the Eisberg Prestige 240L with 240 Copper Radiator and 2 x 120mm Fans.

Both sets come pre-filled and use a pure copper radiator system. One of the reasons for the Eisberg system’s great performance is that it avoids any mixture of materials. It also uses a prefilled ecologically friendly coolant with an anti-oxidant and protection against the build-up of algae and organisms inside the system.

The Eisberg Prestige is available now for these recommended prices:

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Eisberg Prestige



Eisberg Prestige 120L



Eisberg Presitge 240L


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