Confirmed again: Intel Arrow Lake Desktop Processors to Launch Without Hyper-Threading Technology

Recent reports have unveiled that Intel's forthcoming Arrow Lake desktop processors, specifically the 20-core and 24-core models, will not include hyper-threading technology. This development was confirmed through the examination of startup log files for both processors, revealing that the number of cores directly matches the number of threads, thereby indicating the absence of hyper-threading. The 20-core model of the Arrow Lake series is anticipated to feature an 8 Performance-core (P-core) and 12 Efficiency-core (E-core) configuration, and is likely to be designated as part of the Core Ultra 7 200 series. Similarly, the 24-core variant is expected to include an 8P + 16E core arrangement and is projected to fall under the Core Ultra 9 200 series.

Technical details surrounding these processors highlight the use of Intel's 20A and TSMC's N3B process nodes. The architecture combines Lion Cove P-cores with Skymont E-cores, supporting up to 24 cores and 24 threads without hyper-threading capabilities. Additional specifications include compatibility with the LGA 1851 socket and support for DDR5-6400 memory according to JEDEC standards.

Intel plans to release these new Arrow Lake processors in the second half of 2024, marking a significant update to their desktop processor lineup, focusing on core performance enhancements.


Source: ithome

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