Computex 2017: Phanteks Shows Wide Array of Liquid Cooling Gear

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We have a couple of things to cover for Phanteks, the company was located in a Hotel suite with a massive amount of new products. Their liquid cooling series already was announced though we now have had the chance to look at their kits and accessories with a camera at hand.

Phanteks is now offering a wide range of Glacier liquid cooling blocks for the Founders Edition cards in the higher segmented GeForce Series 10 card ranges. Realistically the top end SKU would fit the Titan X (Pascal) as well as the 1080 Ti though as PCB and component usage is 99% is the same. The new glacier series is made from premium materials and finest standards of craftsmanship from Phanteks. From military standard Viton O-ring to the RGB LED lighting, all of our exceptionally high-quality materials are carefully selected.

The water block features a nickel-plated copper cold plate, acrylic top and sandblasted cover plates for an elegant look. You can spot several color options: Mirrored Chrome and Satin Black. Its pricing is set at €149,90 for the water-blocks. There's more though, a new small reservoir, pumps fittings and extended tubing sized for the USA market.

Of course much like any company you will see many thing RGB and LED enabled. The new HALO and HALO LUX series fans run up to 20 bucks and offer a really nice diffuse (evently spread) way of lightin. The HALO series now also will become available with an ALU cover/bezel. Itherwise anything RGB can be spotted including LED strips, controllers and so on. The company is working with all motheerboard manufacturers to get their RGB series controlled by the respective motherboard manufacturers. That or simply using an RGB LED Controller of course. Have a peek at some of he photos below.

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