Computex 2017: Intel To Release 18 core Core i9-7980XE Skylake-X CPU

Many expect Intel to answer AMDs 16-core processors with 12 maybe 14 core processors. Certainly not as they will be releasing an 18-core Skylake-X CPU, you better grab your life-savings in money. The processor would be called the Core i9-7980XE.

So that brings Skylake-X processor on 6-core, 8-core, 10-core, 12-core, 14-core, 16-core and 18-core models. Really, the 12-core and higher models are not expected to launch with X299 next month maybe even August as intel is not yet ready for mass volume sales. The slides demo X299 support, quad channel DDR4 2666 MHz memory, a new version of Intel Turbo Boost 3.0 technology plus a different cache structure opposed towards Haswell-E and Broadwell-E series. I stated it before, there's a bit of a panic reaction from Intel towards Ryzen 16-core parts, hence the 18-core models seem just that, a reaction to offer something more opposed to AMD Threadripper. These are HUGE steps for Intel, something we have not seen in years. Yep, they are bringing in the big guns.

Mind you that these are leaked slides and as such still are to be considered a rumor and unconfirmed.

  Archtecture Cores/
L3 Cache PCIe Lanes Base Clock Boost 2.0 Boost 3.0 Launch
i9 7980XE Skylake-X 18/36 - - - - - -
i9 7960X Skylake-X 16/32 - - - - - -
i9 7940X Skylake-X 14/24 - - - - - -
i9 7920X Skylake-X 12/24 16.5MB 44 - - - August
i9 7900X Skylake-X 10/20 13.75MB 44 3.3GHz 4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
i9 7820X Skylake-X 8/16 11MB 28 3.6GHz 4.3GHz 4.5GHz June
i9 7800X Skylake-X 6/12 8.25MB 28 3.5GHz 4.0GHz - June
i7 7740K Kaby 
4/8 8MB 16 4.3GHz 4.5GHz - June
i7 7640K Kaby 
4/4 8MB 16 4.0GHz 4.2Ghz - June
Source: Videocardz and OC3D

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