Computex 2017: In-Win Is Getting A Woody

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As always In-win is present at Computex, often with some concept designs and some sort of crowd pleaser. This year we can compact that towards two keywords, spheres and wood.

The round chassis are concept designs that actually may go into production, not for consumers but for companies. Granted it does not have the same impact as the H-Frame from two years ago, but is is unique. 

Down in the photos that sphere is called the WINBOT, which trust me is big.

The transparent sphere reveals the motherboard and mounts for the PSU bay, storage and a liquid-cooling A most bit of a gimmick feature is that feature it has a biometric security system including facial recognition, voice recognition system, and a voice command interface for authentication and, but really here at Computex the primary feature seems to be taking selfies. 

In-Win is also displaying multiple chassi with a wooden element in it. It's a little weird to see, but does give the chassis a warm look and feel. All chassis are prototypes and work in progress concepts as well as some modded cases.

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