Computex 2017: Gigabyte Showing X299 Galore and Aorus Peripherals

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Gigabyte often has two venues where they have their products on display, the TWCC building, a secondary exhibition location, and for guests located in the way too high Taipei 101 they have a room. Let’s go there, the good stuff. You have seen the X399 Aorus motherboard, they are going big with X299 motherboards as well as some nice Aorus goods.

We have a peek at some of the product on display at the Taipei 101. Gigabyte is showing a multitude of motherboards like X370, Z270 but also the new series X299 boards. VGA wise on display is the entire range including the new GTX 1080 Ti and already earlier released series. Prominent on display are new CPU coolers which are being inserted as part of the Aorus branding (which we like very much), any graphics card they released we pretty much reviewed. And we actually do have the new 1080 Aorus ready for publication here as well.

The Aorus brand is expanding with peripherals. It will not be long before you can find a new brushed metal based keyboard, mice, coolers and so on based on the more premium Aorus brand.

On display is also the new 1070 Gaming box. Basically if you have a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 connector, you could hook up an external graphics card solution. Gigabyte developed that and calls it the AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box which you will spot under SKU name GV-N1070IXEB-8GD.

You can actually carry around the unit as you’ll get bag with it. Make no mistake, there’s a GTX 1070 in there that runs at a 1531 MHz base frequency and 1721 MHz boost clock. Not bad as it gets a full 8 Gb of graphics memory as well. It’s a bit of a thing to carry around though, it weighs in at 2KG, as next to the graphics card, the box also holds a 450W power supply. The unit is however Thunderbolt 3, requiring a laptop with TB3  as well. It is going tell in the 600 USD range including the GTX 1070 Mini.

Below some photos I took at that beautiful Taipei 101 including some graphics cards and motherboard designs

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