Computex 2017: First Pre-show impressions

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Hey now and welcome to the first, well semi-official report delivered to you all the way from Computex in Taiwan. As you have been able to read earlier our plane touched down yesterday, I teamed up with the guys from Cooler Master to travel half way around the world. We'll start off today with a couple of photo's of some of the surrounding of Computex.

This article will be a tad short though as after press-registration we need to move onwards the first press-conference already, which would be ASUS. Right now it is Monday, the exhibition rooms show people and boxes everywhere. Below a couple of random photos.

So at the photo below you can see the Nangang facility, these would be one of the Halls, one day prior to the start of Computex. Getting things from A to B a little quicker surely does work well when you can drive around trucks in there. With the pending opening of Computex everywhere you look you see staff being drilled and practicing, and yes as a European guy, one does feel tall like giant. There is plenty work in progress.

And actually that is the theme everywhere, boxes, trash and a lot of people looking really tired. Below a quick boots on the ground at day-0. And the first impression, RGB and gaming chairs is a new ‘n hip trend. Well that and Ryzen systems as well as X299 motherboards, which at my quick peek through Nangang are all covered up for now, of course.

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