Computex 2017: Colorful Shows X299 Boards and many GeForce cards

This year we had setup a meeting with Colorful. The company is making some pretty awesome graphics cards and motherboards, yet is predominantly focused on the Asia region.

Fun fact, most of you probably can remember a brand called Chaintec right? You might remember them from their motherboards back in the days. Well, Colorful actually is a sub-brand of Chaintec. So that goes full circle again.

Colorful has a wide variety of series Z270 and Z299 motherboard on display, as well as offering a wide overview of graphics cards. You guys can probably remember the iColor series and Vulcan edition graphics cards. That Vulcan series card actually have that small LCD display on top of the card. Well that iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan X OC features a factory overclock of 1620 MHz on the core frequency and has a boost clock of 1733 MHz. The card runs 11GB GDDR5X memory wired to a 352-bit bus. The card features a 16+2 phase digital power supply reinforced by IPP (iGame Pure Power) and is equipped with the SWORIZER cooler with built-in iGame Status Monitor as well as 1.68 million color-capable RGB lighting. I was able to snag some photos of several products, have a peek.

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