Computex 2017: Asustor NAS units Get ADM 3.0 and Apollo Lake CPUs

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Over the past year or two you have been able to see multiple Asustor NAS reviews here at the website, for good reason as we feel this company to build incredibly nice NAS units from top to bottom. Below an overview of the new stuff.

Since ASUSTor is also present at Computex, time for an overview. So these days in our house-holds and office everything is wireless and streaming. Your music runs over an Android device, you stream your movies over your LAN and you retrieve files at your PC from external boxed. Here's where ASUStor NAS solution come into play. These low power standalone NAS units offer so much flexibility in terms of your own small home server. ASUSTFor has a strong focus on software though, so these NAS units can be used for all we mentioned above, but also playback videos, stream music, FTP, WWW, CMS you name it and these NAS units can do it. ASUSTor has a wide variety of NAS units available, for every wallet being small or big. Have a peek at some photos of the new units available below.

Asustor has a line of new Apollo lake NAS units (faster and more energy efficient), the AS6404T we’ll be reviewing really soon. ASUSTor also is demoing their new ADM (operating system) firmware 3.0, we’ve already been testing with beta and for all NAS units they will upgrade to version 3.0 which offers fresh new looks with a new UI that is more intuitive. A new feature that ASUSTOR has implemented is Wakeup over WAN, meaning outside your network you can remotely wake up the unit. Very handy if you are on the road and do not want your NAS to be active 24/7. Below a photo product overview of some of the new NAS boxes and a few ad-hoc ones. We'll have a review up on a new Apollo lake unit with ADM 3 real soon.

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