Computex 2015: ZOTAC brings in the big guns

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Over at Zotac at the Nangang booth on Computex they have a lot of kit to display. Of course the ZBOX mini PC series as well as graphics cards, lots of them actually, I even noticed one with a 6th gen Core processor, obviously they shut down when I asked about it. But let's have a peek at the new graphics cards.

Now I started the title with 'the big guns as obviously ZOTAC has the latest graphics cards on display. Including the new GTX Titan 980 Ti that is hybrid cooled. Hybrid cooling means that the GPU is covered and cooled with a liquid cooling block, this you can water-cool this 700 EURO wonder. The hybrid part means that there is air-cooling as well, fans are creating airflow over the pcb that in terms cools down critical components like the VRM area, but also the memory partition. These will fall in the AMP and ECO ranges.

ZOTAC GeForce 980 Ti AMP! provide users with a factory overclocked model cooled with IceStorm. ZOTAC GeForce 980 Ti AMP! Omega incorporates the new EKO fan, POWER BOOST and an aggressive thermal design that pushes better cooling and more speed.

The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme is the fastest and ultimate graphics card. Featuring the all new EKO, POWER BOOST, and LED illumination for added flair. The card also features Carbon ExoArmor and IceStorm enhanced cooling system to deliver an exceptional experience.

For enthusiasts, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti ArcticStorm is the perfect card to floor the pedal. Heavily equipped with the innovative ArcticStorm hybrid cooling system which combines air cooling and the option of using liquid with an attached all-copper water block.

ZOTAC innovation finds new ground
One of the biggest enhancements to the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti series is the EKO FAN, designed to improve air flow and static pressure. The uniquely designed dual-blade EKO FAN increases airflow by up to 30% compared to traditional fan designs. Independent mini blades beneath the outer fan increase the surface area that directly benefits from the fan's airflow, and drive concentrated airflow downwards.

To help stabilize performance, POWER BOOST help reduce ripple noise and minimize power fluctuations. ZOTAC graphics card equipped with POWER BOOST enjoy more consistent power delivery, greater lifespan, and more stable performance even when pushed to the limit.

Below I have posted a number of photos of the products with an accompanying specs photo (if applicable and available).

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