Computex 2015: PowerColor

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Tul was also in da house with their Radeon products, I deliberately say latest and not new as the 360 to 390 series Radeon cards are re-spin products but are nowhere to be found on Computex, well ...

Below a couple of photo of the latest kit from Tul aka PowerColor. We will discuss 'that other' Radeon product that makes us all so 'Furious' soon once AMD is ready for that. Other than that, we have the newly announced audiocard on photo, the Devil HDX has built-in headphone amplifiers with a 6.3mm phone jack with amplifier drives up to 600 impedance on headphones that provide thundering high fidelity sound strike to your headset. The swappable op-amp sockets allow users to create exclusive timbre, allowing different sound quality and overall user tunable custom experience for all. And with the multi-channel daughter board, users can enjoy the 7.1 channel surround sound.

The card is powered by a C-Media CMI8888 native-PCIe processor connected to a Wolfson WM8741 primary DAC with 124 dBA SNR. Amplifying this, is a TI LM4562 OPAMP. Nichicon Muse electrolytic with metalized polypropylene caps against signal loss.

And have a peek at a product that it NOT Fiji, but will be released soon. We cannot disclose the name, other then the fact it is Devilish stuff and lets just say it's the most high-end respin product. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

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