Computex 2015: Noctua going big and silent

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Noctua has a small booth at Computex as we always, and as always we happily drop by to what we consider one the best heatpipe based cooling companies on the globe.

Noctua has the standard range of product on display up-to the latest D15 and the new small form factor products. Also on display are their new prototype noise-canceling fans. They have had these in development for a very long time already, not sure if they ever will be released as well, they must be expensive. But it is good to see this company alive and kicking as they do with their rock-solid coolers in what is a difficult PC market. Below you can find a photo-shoot of the products on display, most of them already reviewed or pending a review here on the website.

Noctua: As usual, they would like to give you a brief glimpse of what we are currently working on by displaying some exclusive prototypes and providing a first sneak preview of upcoming new products:

  • Active Noise Cancellation project (progress report)
  • Next generation 120mm,140mm & 200mm A-series fans
  • 24V industrialPPC fans • 80 & 92mm industrialPPC fans 
  • NF-P12 redux
  • Project chromax
  • PWM fan controller 
  • 120mm anti-vibration frame
  • L-type 120mm low profile cooler 
  • Next generation 120mm & 140mm U-type coolers 
  • Heatsinks for industrial clients 
  • Skylake ready!

One question I asked was if Noctua would ever consider to do liquid cooling, AIO kits. The short answer is that they are considering it and definitely are looking into the possibilities. It's going to take a while though as with everything, this is all about pure quality for them. So it is something they are playing with and with a bit of luck in 2016 say around Computex time, there MIGHT be an announcement on this topic.

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