Computex 2015 News: Both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA GSYNC over HDMI

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News broke yesterday that AMD is showing FreeSync over HDMI. As you guys know both FreeSync and GSYNC offer a better display experience by removing judder, screen-tearing and VSYNC stuttering.

AMD's implementation was released a couple of months ago, but in a sense is simply Adapative Sync, which is now a VESA standard. The technology is sound, the monitors however are very dependant on the minimum supported dynamic range, meaning at most monitors anything below 40Hz will not work in FreeSync/Adaptibe Sync. FreeSync up-to now was tied to a DisplayPort protocol only. AMD here on Computex is showing FreeSync over HDMI.

AMD showed a prototype monitor with FreeSync over HDMI at Computex on a R9 290X powered a PC and a non-custom Realtek TCON controller inside the monitor. The setup requires a custom driver from AMD and custom firmware from Realtek, clearly FreeSync obviously isn’t built into the HDMI protocol just yet. 


So here's the thing, Nvidia won't really talk about it, but there has been a silent update with the Gsync module, there is now a new revision, and guess what support is added ? Yes, it is HDMI GSYNC capable. It however is limited towards HDMI 1.4 and that does put a few restriction in on Hz and resolution. Nvidia hasn't been keen on GSYNC over HDMI, but ASUS for example has been requesting this a long time, and from what I heard, they have been pushing hard to get this supported over HDMI.

Now unfortunately I lost track which monitor it was that was HDMI GSYNC enabled, but browsing through the 300+ photos I made I believe it was this model, the new 34"Curved GSYNC Monitor shown below. It is a ROG branded 75Hz prototype IPS panel at a 3440x1440 resolution and does not show a model number just yet.

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