Computex 2015: MSI Shows Series 100 Motherboards and GPUs

In this news-item we'll show you the goods over at MSI. MSI has a big booth this year showcasing their hardware kit. There are lots of Series 100 motherboards on display and the focus seems to be the gaming lineup

In the photos below you can see a good number of Intel Series 100 that are to be released when Intel Skylake processors are out.  Obviously on the graphics card side there is lots to show from the new Radeon range as well as a nice variety of GeFore GTX 980 Ti graphics cards.

Radeon 380/390 products are not on display this computex. It seems they will be released in two weeks. Have a peek at the photos below, and I must state that the new products look very tasty. I also added some exclusive photo's of a GTX 980 Ti that is liquid cooled as announced yesterday in collaboration with Corsair.

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